Chris Bowen has performed in front of audiences ranging from colleges to city clubs.  He was lead guitarist for the rock band Greedy FLY, signed with Gabe Vigorito (DeLite Records/Polygram) and Sonalyst Studios in Southeastern Connecticut.

 His songs have had air time on commercial and independent radio in the Northeast including WHUS, WQGN, WCNI and WCCC.

In 2016, his single, "PICTURE," received GRAMMY ballot recognition for SONG OF THE YEAR, RECORD OF THE YEAR, and BEST ROCK SONG.

BOWEN is currently in the studio working on their debut album titled, "Kings and Queens," supported by local independent record label Brewhouse Records and production house Aberrant Publishing.


Steve Beaudoin is the lead guitarist for BOWEN.  He's a founder of many acts in his local area and has shared the stage with Dee Snyder, Davey Jones, Pete Best, Marshall Tucker, James Montgomery and Rick Derringer.

Marc Dupuis is the former drummer of the party rock band, 'Red Light.'  He was also a member of the Jägermeister-sponsored band, 'PushboXX,' Toledo-based touring act, 'The Other Half,' and the Hartford based, 'CO2.'  Marc has shared the stage with Stone Sour, Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil, Three Days Grace, the Girls Gone Wild tour and many others.